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Wheeled Medical Waste Containers

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Greenleaf tries to go over and above for our customers and with our wheeled medical waste container we try and do just that. Our wheeled waste units are suitable for outside use which optimises space inside, it also prevents bad odours inside your premises if the waste is disposed of outside in a secure commercial waste container. Our wheeled disposal bins are popular with Tattoo Parlours, Care Homes, Nurseries, Garden Centres, Play Centres and Shopping Centres and can accommodate various types of waste


Key Features/Benefits

  • Four sizes available to best utilise the space you have available: 240L, 360L, 770L & 1100L
  • Equipped with four castors and fitted with handles, they are easy to open and safe to manoeuvre
  • Their design enables resistance to the most severe stresses during lifting and emptying operations
  • The manufacture of our wheeled waste containers complies with the requirements of the European standards and the quality system implemented meets the ISO 9001 standard
  • Service tailored to meet your requirements

Greenleaf Statement

By installing one of our wheeled waste containers it allows our operatives to carry out a professional, quick and discreet service. Our customers are provided with additional bags for holding units inside the premises so you are not left short. There are various service frequencies available on this product, please contact us today for a competitive quotation.