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Surface Sanitising Unit

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Greenleaf offers an Easy to use Surface Sanitiser which provides the individual with the opportunity to clean surfaces such as toilet seats effectively before and after use. The Surface Sanitising Unit is ultra quick drying and effective against all harmful bacteria commonly found on and around toilet fixtures. Our “sealed until installed” pouches ensure installation of refills is quick, simple and contamination free.

Key Features

  • Ultra quick drying chemical; The chemical instantly evaporates, allowing the toilet seat or surface to be used immediately after cleaning has taken place
  • Push to dispense system which reduces the chance of damage to the dispenser from a pull action
  • Two colours options available; white or chrome
  • Lockable unit with added security which restricts theft and vandalism of refill


  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner can be used on other fixtures and fittings such as baby changing units, as a cleaner
  • Mildly perfumed refills: Proven to be effective against four main strains of bacteria. Makes surfaces look clean as well as hygienic

Greenleaf Statement

By supplying this type of product we assist our clients in taking care of their own customers when using their washroom facilities. Our surface sanitising unit minimises the spread of bacteria and helps each user feel confident in using your facilities. During each scheduled service, our operative will replace your refill, ensure the unit is in good working order and also clean down the unit to ensure no build-up of dust/dirt, leaving your washroom looking and smelling great. Get in touch today to receive a competitive quotation.