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Greenleaf supplies a comprehensive sharps bin range that falls in line with the Scottish healthcare regulations. All of our sharps units are simple to use with instructions on the front of the unit detailing how to dispose of any sharps medical waste or other healthcare waste.

Key Features

  • Various sizes of sharps units and sharps bins disposal available to best suit the needs of your business
  • A range of service frequencies are also available on this product
  • Various ranges available:
    • Orange Top for disposal of water, saline, glucose-based medicinal products or sharps, syringes or drug vials that have been fully discharged
    • Blue Top for the disposal of medicinal waste, including un-discharged sharps but not including cytotoxic or cytostatic waste
    • Purple Top for the disposal of cytotoxic and cytostatic waste (Also requires the use of a special waste consignment note as per SEPA regulations)
  • Handle for easy transportation


  • Secure one-way disposal system
  • Puncture proof to avoid any needle stick injuries
  • How to use instructions detailed on the front of each unit

Greenleaf Statement

We like to ensure the safety of all our customers that’s why we only stock the highest of quality Sharps units, this is to prevent any injury to our customers, operatives or third parties. Our operatives are trained in the safe removal of any sharps unit which is then segregated from the rest of the waste for transport.

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