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Mach Flo Hand Dryer


Hand Care is important to us here at Greenleaf so we strive to provide our customers with the best products available. We have a range of Automatic Hand Dryers that are manufactured to the highest standard, providing our customers with a simple, effective and hygienic way of drying their hands.

Mach Flo Hand Dryer Key Features

  • Ultra-fast drying time; 8 to 12 seconds
  • Low noise pollution
  • 4 finishes available; White, black, satin & chrome
  • Sleek, Modern and Compact Design
  • Sensor Operated


  • Maximum air power and effective airflow
  • Suitable for very high traffic areas
  • Anti-vandalism features
  • Energy savings up to 90%
  • Consumes less C02 than most hand dryers

Greenleaf Statement

Our Hand Dryers are installed by a qualified electrician and maintained by our trained operatives.

To find out more about our Hand Dryer Range and receive a competitive quotation, don’t hesitate, to contact Greenleaf Today.