‘Make your intention prevention. Wash your hands’

The Greenleaf Soap Dispenser is a robust and versatile push to dispense system which offers optimal hand hygiene. There is a selection of refills available to suit your preference, without having to change your automatic soap dispenser.

Key Features

  • Push to Dispense system – simple and hygienic dispensing of soap
  • Two colours to choose from: White or Chrome
  • High-quality pumps allow a choice of either spray, foam or liquid soap
  • Various service frequencies available to best suit the needs of your business
  • Available in anti-bacterial


  • Hands stay hygienic and clean long after washing
  • Sleek design
  • Simple dispenser which reduces risk of infection
  • Ideal for areas such as washrooms, offices, care homes, changing facilities, hotels
    and reception areas.

Greenleaf Statement

Greenleaf offer a friendly, quick and efficient service, ensuring that our products remain at the highest standard on each service, your refill will be replaced on each scheduled service by our operatives who also ensure your  bathroom soap dispenser is in good working order and free of dust/dirt.

The environment is important to us, therefore we ensure that all refills are disposed of in a way that is non-harmful to our environment. Material Safety Data Sheets are also available on request