Client Case Study – Balmoral Hotel

Approved by: Jo Wilby, Executive Housekeeper.

High quality products and service to match client reputation.


The Balmoral Hotel is one of the most Prestigious Hotels in Scotland, having the perfect combination between tradition and modernity, at the heart of Edinburgh it shines well. When The Balmoral Hotel required a service that could be discreet, reliable and aesthetically pleasing, Greenleaf Hygiene Solutions (Scotland) Ltd provided just that


In the Hotel business reputation is everything and when The Balmoral Hotel wanted to incorporate new feminine hygiene units in their washrooms, they wanted these to be of the highest quality. With over 180 rooms, a restaurant on site and bars, this also required to be carried out discreetly.

Greenleaf Hygiene Solutions (Scotland) Ltd provided The Balmoral with units from our Designer Range which come in a beautiful black and chrome finish, which also went perfectly with the theme of the hotel bathrooms. As a prestigious hotel we discussed with our client the best way for our operatives to carry out the changeover and together decided the best solution would be for our operatives to carry out this task early in the morning, providing minimal disruption to staff and guests.


We as a company pride ourselves on our great customer service as we were able to incorporate what the customer desired by not only providing high quality products from our Designer Range but also in our accommodation of the discreet service and changeover times. Once again Greenleaf Hygiene Solutions (Scotland) Ltd show that for our customers we strive to go the extra mile so they don’t have to.